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Decorative hoods

Decorative hoods

Brave design aesthetics is preserved, kitchen odors are gone returnlessly, indoor air quality is improved and the ambiance of your kitchen got additional value and attraction.

Microwave oven

MICROWAVE OVENS – Hours turn into minutes! VOX Electronics microwave ovens will save you time and electricity. For quick food defrosting, heating and preparation.

Led Display
Combined cookers

Combined cookers

How to best solve the eternal dilemma gas cooker or electric cooker? Simply, gather both - excellently combined into one device. When you have both options available, you are able to use only their benefits.

Gas knob
Big oven
Gratis power cord
Two baking trays
Hair dryers

HAIR DRYERS – With VOX Electronics hair dryers, doing your hair has become even easier. Thanks to a very narrow concentrator, your hair will always be nicely styled and nurtured. A simple way to a perfect hair do.

Vacuum cleaners

VACUUM CLEANERS – Clean your floors quickly and thoroughly! Powerful motors, exceptional filtration, quiet operation and high cleaning radius make our vacuum cleaners your best friend when cleaning your home – say goodbye to dirt and animal hair.

Built-in ovens

Built-in ovens

Stand out with elegant design, a variety of features, flexibility, a large number of advanced features and high capacity make it a need of every kitchen and guarantee the most delicious dishes. Find the built-in oven that will perfectly fit the style of your kitchen environment and contribute to your culinary skills.

Turbo oven
Catalytic oven
Big oven
Gratis power cord
Smart TVs


In the world where the new words are “like”, “share”,” comment” and “twit” and where your whole surrounding is ‘online’ it is unthinkable not to be part of such a story. That is why we have decided to make your access to the Internet much easier with the help of SMART VOX TVs. Whether you want to watch your favorite videos or listen to music on You Tube, chat with friends over Facebook and Twitter, with the SMART option you will do it on one device, just much faster, easier and from your armchair. Additionally, it is all in high resolution and with better sound. Be smart, both you and your TV.

H.265 HEVC
WiFi Integrated
Washing machines

VOX Washing machines

Large capacity, practical and carefully designed programs adapted to the fast tempo of the modern lifestyle.  VOX washing mashines are suitable for washing our kid’s clothes, they care for sensitive skin, using advanced technology which thoroughly removes 7 most common allergens and 4 types of bacteria. A wise choice.

Quick wash 15 minutes
Cold wash 20C
Protection against allergies
Unbalance control system
Tumble dryers

VOX tumble dryers

Large capacity, practical and carefully designed programs are adapted to the fast modern lifestyle. VOX washing machines dryers are ideal when it comes to drying delicate laundry.

Security lock
Hood CGL 950 IX
Built-in microwave oven MWH-GD23W
Cooker GTR 6315 IX
Hair dryer HT9992
Vacuum cleaner SIROCCO 700
Built-in oven  EBB7500
Washing machine WM1270-T1G
Tumble dryer TDM-800T1G


Baby portage
Baby portage
Tips & ticks for magic in kitchen