VOX Electronics is a original trademark for consumer electronics products, specialized in audio visual technology, white goods, small kitchen appliances and air conditioners. We are part of ERG company, worldwide distributor of electronics goods and services. Head quartered in Belgrade, Serbia. VOX Electronics was born in 2003. and has gathered a team of experts from all over the world who are leaders in areas of design, development and manufacture of electrical appliances intended for everyday use. Our team addresses modern consumers and aims to advance its products and customer care services, thus improving their quality of life. We honestly believe that the appliances we make, as well as life itself, can be more exciting, attractive and enjoyable than we think, and this is the message we wish to convince to all our consumers, wherever they are.


Our mission is to respond to the need of a large number of consumers when choosing for the quality and the price by giving them the best value for money.

We work hard to achieve quality at affordable prices for our customers. The life of our products is our own life with our consumers, so we constantly improve the quality of

products and services we provide. On the other hand, we explore customer needs, follow trends, acquire new knowledge and use the latest technology.


“Let’s live together” – this is VOX Electronics vision. We look forward, because the future is a valley in creating new and high-quality products and services. We grow each day, we are competitive on the market, we are always ranked high, and we intend to be leaders in providing high-quality products and services.