With the introduction of the new EU regulations, there has been a drastic change in the range of product's energy classes and energy labels. Therefore, all manufacturers must comply with the new regulations. As an international brand, VOX Electronics strives to offer products compatible with the latest European standards to all its users, as well as to be transparent and help each user to make the best choice. Our appliances have remained equally efficient and economical, while the reason for this drastic change in the classification of the energy efficiency is the new way of calculating power consumption, the changing range of classification that follows new European regulations and stricter standards. VOX Electronics wants to familiarize its consumers with these latest standards and regulations.

Why are energy labels changing?

Energy labels appeared in the 1990s when most home appliances were labelled with energy class E. With the progress and rapid development of technology, products with the highest energy class A quickly appeared on the market. Further development led to the appearance of products even better than those from class A, so the marks were extended with a plus sign (A +, A ++, A +++) to make them easier to distinguish. However, this way of labelling is no longer adequate for the European Union, because the technology is constantly improving. It is believed that this old representation with several pluses, confuses consumers and makes it difficult for them to make the best decision because all home appliances have mostly moved to the "green zone" of energy efficiency. The goal of the scale changing is also to encourage manufacturers to invest more in innovations and thus contribute to the production of more energy-efficient products.

What has changed?

At the European Union, it is decided to change the energy label which will present the new energy class range from A (the highest class) to G (the lowest class). For a product to belong to the new A-class, it must now meet more strict criteria than with outdated labelling A +, A ++, A +++. Such labelling with pluses is no longer used and is not part of the new regulations. The new way of calculating and marking energy savings allows further technological innovations in the future and their classification.



How does the change look?

The biggest change happened in the appearance of the energy label which is displayed on the appliances. New parameters and the new way of ranking are highlighted wherever you can find information on the category and energy efficiency of the device. This change currently applies to the following VOX categories: washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and televisions. When it comes to determining the new energy class of a device, there is no universal rule of converting the old to the new class. Also, it is a common situation that devices that had energy class A +++ of the old regulation, are now categorized as class D or E of the new regulation.

What is the purpose of a QR code and where does it lead to?

With the arrival of the new regulation, the presence of a QR code on the energy label is mandatory. By scanning the QR code, the consumer gets an insight into the technical specifications of a particular appliance in the EU Energy Labelling Product Database (EPREL). This ensures that each device is following the directed new standard, as well as the transparency of the most important information for the user, which also helps the comparison of similar home appliances from different manufacturers.





1. Does my VOX device save energy as much as before the introduction of the new regulations?

Yes! VOX devices are just as economical as before. Given that the standard is higher and the scale of energy consumption calculation is changed, the devices of the new regulation must meet even stricter criteria to be ranked in a higher class. This protects the consumers because all information about power consumption and savings is now transparent.


2. On which VOX devices can I see the new energy labels?

The arrangements of the new EU regulations currently apply to the following VOX categories of appliances: washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, and televisions.


3. Why are now some VOX appliances in the yellow or even orange energy zone?

One of the main principles of the new regulation is the elimination of confusing labeling with pluses (A +, A ++, A +++). Thereby, the VOX device from the old regulation (marked as A ++), can now belong to class F (orange energy zone). Regardless of such marking, the appliances are just as high quality and economical as before.


4. Why can I still see the appliances with an A +++ energy label or even with two different labels?

Consumers can currently come across appliances that have old labels (A +, A ++, A +++) or with both old and new energy regulations labels until all brands in the market switch to the new regulations. This refers to the home appliances models that belong to the stocks produced before March 1, 2021. VOX Electronics wants to be the leading brand in this transition because all our consumers deserve to be up to date with the latest standards and enjoy all its benefits. The end of November 2021 is the deadline for selling appliances with just old or both old and new energy label.


5. How to compare the old with the new energy class?

When it comes to determining the new energy class of home appliances, there is no universal rule of converting the old to the new class. Also, it is a common situation that devices that belonged to energy class A +++ of the old regulation, are now categorized as class D or E of the new regulation. Regardless, VOX home appliances marked with new energy labels are as high quality and efficient as before.


Drastic changes in the market have occurred to adjust to the technology development, to keep up with the future market, and to help consumers better understand the specifications of the home appliances. The old regulation appliance marking with A +, A ++, and A +++ was confusing and limitary to further technological development. The new regulations enable easier understanding of energy efficiency, a new ranking of products with letter classes from A (the highest class) to G (the lowest class), as well as transparency of appliance information for a more favorable position of consumers.

The certain appliance from the VOX Electronics range that once belonged to the A ++ class and is now marked with the letter F is still as economical and high quality as before. The goal of implementing the new regulations is to maximize the potential of energy savings by the end of 2030.

VOX Electronics is a brand that stands for information transparency, thinks of its consumers, and wants to promptly inform them about the changes in the market. Therefore, we stand out as one of the first brands to start presenting home appliances according to the new regulation standards, while having in mind the benefit of our consumers.