Air conditioners

Air conditioners

Inverter Split sistem air conditioners

Invereter split system air conditioners

Advanced technology that regulates operating speed of the compressor thus reducing power consumption and achieving the desired temperature faster.

Split system air conditioners

Split system air conditioners

The Vitamin C filter fills the air with much-needed vitamin C, which softens the skin, reduces stress and has numerous therapeutic benefits. Now you can improve the climate of your home, from wherever and whenever you want, by activating a wireless network. All the functions are available on your computer, tablet or smartphone just with a click. Breathe healthier and cleaner air, because our air conditioners use R410 environmentally friendly gas, which saves precious ozone layer and is the refrigerant of the future.

Multi split air conditioners

Multi-Split Air Conditioners

This commercial air conditioning system allows you to cool or heat more rooms with just one outdoor unit. Connect  two, three, four or even five indoor units to the VOX multi-split outdoor unit and enjoy the balanced temperature of your home or office space.

Portable room air conditioner

Portable air conditioners

Does it happen to you that that sometimes you want to unplug your wall-mounted air conditioner and transfer it to another room to make it cooler or warmer? Portability is the best feature of our portable air conditioners. No matter which room you want to make more pleasant to stay, it will be done in no time. Portable air conditioner is an ideal choice if you are unable to mount another type of air conditioners.