Air conditioner VOX IVA8-12JRBW Air conditioner VOX IVA8-12JRBW

Air conditioner VOX IVA8-12JRBW

Item code: IVA8-12JRBW
Barkod: 8606019605391
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Automatic cleaning (self-cleaning)
Automatic cleaning (self-cleaning)
Deep sleep
Deep sleep
Filter anti-2.5pm
Filter anti-2.5pm
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Characteristics Value
Category Inverter Split sistem air conditioners
Type Inverter split system
Nominal Capacity 12000 BTU
Power consumption in heating 970 W
Power consumption in cooling 1090 W
Air flow (closed) (m3/h) 600 m3/h
Anti-fungus Yes
Use of timer Yes
Gas type R32
I Feel Yes
Technologies Automatic cleaning (self-cleaning), Cooling, Deep sleep, Filter anti-2.5pm, Heating, Inverter, LCD Display, WiFi Integrated
Energy class A++/A+
Auto restart Yes
5 levels of ventilation Yes
Self-diagnosis Yes
SCOP coefficient 4.14
SEER coefficient 6.12
Turbo mode Yes
Gas leak protection Yes
Indoor unit noise level 54 dB
Outdoor unit noise level 60 dB
Warranty 5 years
Color Black - Mirror
Outdoor unit dimensions (WxHxD) 720x540x260 mm
Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD) 792x292x201 mm
Indoor unit packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 888x370x290 mm
Outdoor unit packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 850x620x370 mm
Indoor unit net weight 8.5 kg
Outdoor unit net weight 25 kg
Bacteria and other harmful organisms areeasily multiplied in air condition devicesbecause of the humidity present. However,“self cleaning” function of the indoor unitis a work mode usually turned on aftercooling and it dries the indoor un...
A special mode that the user can select. This function will automatically adjust the temperature that makes sleeping pleasant, with minimal noise and energy savings as well.
This electrostatic filter efficiently purifies even the smallest particles in the air that human body is unable to filter out, thus protecting you from the negative effects of pollution. This technology also increases the resistance of the device to ...
Advanced technology that regulates operating speed of the compressor thus reducing power consumption and achieving the desired temperature faster. With inverter, RPM of the compressor and the outdoor unit fan are electronically adjusted (thus adaptin...

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