Small home appliances

Small home appliances


BLENDERS – Whatever your blending needs, they’ve got you covered. With powerful motors and sharp stainless steel blades, these high capacity blenders are ideal for making vitamin-packed smoothies, shakes and sauces quickly, in large quantities.

Body scales

BATHROOM SCALES – Perfect precision. High capacity. Noteworthy design. Supreme reliability. May every use be a little joy on the path to your ultimate goal!


FOOD CHOPPERS – For perfectly chopped ingredients from the garden. Healthy and tasty meals are now within your reach. The ideal choice for professional results in the kitchen.

Contact grill

CONTACT GRILL – Barbeque, fish or crunchy sandwiches for the road? You’ve got it. Healthy and quick preparation – simple and efficient. Prepare your favorite meals with style.

Crepe maker

CREPE MAKER - Are you a pancake – lover, but lose patience while making them? Get the ingredients you need, gather your loved ones and enjoy the flavors.

Deep fryer

DEEP FRYER - Do you want a quick, healthy and delicious meal in just a few minutes? Adjust the thermostat, place your ingredients into an easily removable container and have fun while watching through the glass their process of preparing and separating healthy from unhealthy ones. Enjoy!


ELECTRIC GRILL - Prepare delicious fish fillets and barbecue without much effort. Crispy, juicy and tasty. Invite some friends over too!


VENTILATORS - Like breeze after a long summer day, VOX Electronics fans will be like a breath of fresh air in your life. The quiet and stable work of our devices will refresh you even more!

Hair dryers

HAIR DRYERS – With VOX Electronics hair dryers, doing your hair has become even easier. Thanks to a very narrow concentrator, your hair will always be nicely styled and nurtured. A simple way to a perfect hair do.

Heating program

HEATING PROGRAM - The cold days are here! Warm up quickly and comfortably. Let the winter pass in a warm family atmosphere with VOX Electronics heating program!

Home bakery

HOME BAKERY - A taste you will never forget. Fresh, healthy and crunchy. Bread for every day!

Ice makers

ICE MAKERS - Have your instant refreshment always at hand with Vox Ice Makers. Favorite soft drinks or cocktails are always ready to be served.


STEAM IRONS – Afford yourself comfortable and effortless ironing. High power, plates that prevent fabrics from sticking and automatic shut-off give you maximum freedom and safety when ironing. For those who make no compromises in ironing.


JUICERS – Health in a glass! Using high-efficiency blades at high speeds, VOX Electronics juicers extract important vitamins, enzymes and minerals from fruits and vegetables, providing you with juice easy to digest and absorb.


ELECTRIC KETTLES – hot drinks have never been easier to make. Whether tea or coffee is your choice, allow VOX Electronics kettles to introduce you to a relaxing experience of drinking your favorite drink. Pleasure without compromise!

Kitchen scales

KITCHEN SCALES – Perfect precision. Design without compromise. A good friend in the kitchen.

Microwave oven

MICROWAVE OVENS – Hours turn into minutes! VOX Electronics microwave ovens will save you time and electricity. For quick food defrosting, heating and preparation.


MIXERS – Making food has never been simpler. Impeccable results. Ultimate reliability. Extraordinary mixing and squishing in no time.


Sandwich makers

SANDWICH MAKERS – Let your every day start with a perfect crunchy breakfast. Elegant design, easy maintenance and specially-designed non-stick plates will make every bite a pleasure worth talking about. 

Steam Statiton

STEAM STATION - Leave nothing to chance. Powerful steam strikes will make big piles of laundry no longer a daily routine. Fast, efficient and easy. VOX Electronics steam station.


TOASTERS – nothing beats a healthy breakfast, right? VOX Electronics toasters will always make your toast evenly toasted, just the way you like it. Start your day with a smile!

Vacuum cleaners

VACUUM CLEANERS – Clean your floors quickly and thoroughly! Powerful motors, exceptional filtration, quiet operation and high cleaning radius make our vacuum cleaners your best friend when cleaning your home – say goodbye to dirt and animal hair.

Waffle makers

WAFFLE MAKERS – Enjoy preparing your favorite treats. Specially-designed, easy-to-clean heating plates will give you perfectly shaped waffles. Dessert is served!

Рачен блендери

HAND BLANDERS - Comfortable to hold and equipped with useful functions for chopping and whisking, they do all the hard work for you. Make lump-free sauces, hearty soups or smooth purees in the blink of an eye and simplify your daily routine. These compact designs are easy to use, and deliver precise preparation. Every time.