Home appliances

Home appliances


VOX Refrigerators

VOX refrigerators are not only devices intended for storage of temperature-sensitive foods. They give you the ability to organize space in your own way and to perfectly fit them into the kitchen. Behind the production of these refrigerators are years of innovative thinking and testing, which guarantee that your food will withstand the test of time.


VOX Cookers

Which style you choose for your kitchen? Traditional, modern, visionary, minimalist, something in between?

Whatever style you choose, we have something for you. The advanced features of our devices save your time in preparing meals, while making the food crunchier, juicier, sweeter, in a word, tastier.

Washing machines

Washing machines

Large capacity, practical and carefully designed programs adapted to the fast tempo of the modern lifestyle.  VOX washing mashines are suitable for washing our kid’s clothes, they care for sensitive skin, using advanced technology which thoroughly removes 7 most common allergens and 4 types of bacteria. A wise choice.


VOX Dishwashers

VOX dishwashers nurture your dishes in a caring and delicate manner, so it becomes clean and shiny. Operating exceptionally quietly, they make your kitchen a place of pure enjoyment.