Home appliances

Home appliances

VOX refrigerators are not only devices intended for storage of temperature-sensitive foods. They give you the ability to organize space in your own way and to perfectly fit them into the kitchen. Behind the production of these refrigerators are years of innovative thinking and testing, which guarantee that your food will withstand the test of time.

Ideal allies when it comes to food storage. Wide range of different capacities for different needs.

Which style you choose for your kitchen? Traditional, modern, visionary, minimalist, something in between?

Whatever style you choose, we have something for you. The advanced features of our devices save your time in preparing meals, while making the food crunchier, juicier, sweeter, in a word tastier.

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but also for the family and friends gatherings. Good ventilation is very important, and we made sure that, besides being quiet and discreet, it tastefully incorporates into ambience and is easy to control.

Hours turn into minutes! VOX Electronics microwave ovens will save you time and electricity. For quick food defrosting, heating and preparation.

VOX dishwashers nurture your dishes in a caring and delicate manner, so it becomes clean and shiny. Operating exceptionally quietly, they make your kitchen a place of pure enjoyment.

High quality, modern design, and efficient features of VOX boilers bring simplicity to everyday life. We offer a large selection of reliable and safe models with different tank capacities and types of control to meet the needs of every home.

Practical accessories provide additional benefits for more efficient usage of VOX devices.