Built-in microwave oven MWH-GD23W Built-in microwave oven MWH-GD23W

Built-in microwave oven MWH-GD23W

Item code: GD23W
Barkod: 8606019603144
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Led Display
Led Display
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Characteristics Value
Category Microwave oven
Microwave power 1000 W
Grill power 1250 W
Oven capacity 23 l
Glass plate diameter 270 mm
Control Digital
Automatic menu 8 different programs
Defrosting depending on portion weight Yes
Signal to end program Yes
Other benefits 3D microwave distribution, light in the oven
Child safety Yes
Technologies Led Display
Color White
Product dimensions (WxDxH) 48.5 x 41 x 29.3 cm
Gift box dimensions (WxDxH) 53.6 x 43.6 x 33 cm
Net weight 14 kg
Gross weight 15 kg
BAR-code 8606019603144
LED DISPLAY - The external LED display allows you to easily control and adjust temperature with one touch. 

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